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John O. Brookshire Family

"starting from left is Alice b.1919 d.1993,Cora Lee 1910-2003, Edith 1916-1996, Margaret 1900-1957, Wayne 1914-, Pearl 1906-2000, William 1998-1967, Lulu 1912-2010, Roy 1917- 1979, Fred 1908-1991, Dale (kneeling)1924-, John O is seated 1870-1963. I think this was taken about 1939."

photo used with permission of the owner

Owner/Source L. Musha, [e-mail for private use], to Tonia Kendrick, e-mail, 17 July 2011 (5:47 PM), "Fw: RE: Brookshire,"; privately held by Kendrick, [e-mail & address for private use].
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