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Tickanetly, Gilmer, Georgia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BROOKSHIRE, Alvin M.  1880Tickanetly, Gilmer, Georgia I2173
2 BROOKSHIRE, James M.  1880Tickanetly, Gilmer, Georgia I1118
3 BROOKSHIRE, John O.  1880Tickanetly, Gilmer, Georgia I1119
4 BROOKSHIRE, Landrum F.  1880Tickanetly, Gilmer, Georgia I1121
5 BROOKSHIRE, Levi S.  1880Tickanetly, Gilmer, Georgia I1124
6 BROOKSHIRE, Louis T.  1880Tickanetly, Gilmer, Georgia I1123
7 BROOKSHIRE, Luthan C.  1880Tickanetly, Gilmer, Georgia I1122
8 BROOKSHIRE, Nancy Emeline  1880Tickanetly, Gilmer, Georgia I1558
9 BROOKSHIRE, Nancy S.  1880Tickanetly, Gilmer, Georgia I1120
10 GARRETT, Eliza  1880Tickanetly, Gilmer, Georgia I2134
11 GARRETT, James  1880Tickanetly, Gilmer, Georgia I2135
12 GARRETT, John Clayton  1880Tickanetly, Gilmer, Georgia I2133
13 GARRETT, Manerva Ann  1880Tickanetly, Gilmer, Georgia I183
14 GARRETT, Nancy L.  1880Tickanetly, Gilmer, Georgia I2132
15 GARRETT, Robert  1880Tickanetly, Gilmer, Georgia I1559
16 GARRETT, William  1880Tickanetly, Gilmer, Georgia I2160
17 GARRETT, Zilpha  1880Tickanetly, Gilmer, Georgia I2161
18 HOLDEN, Mary Pauline  1880Tickanetly, Gilmer, Georgia I1117
19 TILLEY, Elizabeth  1880Tickanetly, Gilmer, Georgia I1562