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Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CARNES, Anna  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I1654
2 FORRESTER, Allice L.  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I2905
3 FORRESTER, Benjamin Edward  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I1885
4 FORRESTER, Coleman  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I1653
5 FORRESTER, Eller T.  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I2906
6 FORRESTER, Ida J.  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I2909
7 FORRESTER, James Polk  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I1882
8 FORRESTER, Jesse Lafayette  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I1881
9 FORRESTER, John E.  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I2904
10 FORRESTER, Lilley E.  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I2903
11 FORRESTER, Mary Lourania  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I1650
12 FORRESTER, Newton Coleman  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I1880
13 FORRESTER, William  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I2908
14 FORRESTER, William Coleman  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I2902
15 GARRETT, Martha Jane  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I1556
16 JOHNSON, Reuben Phillip  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I1557
17 MARSHALL, Nancy A. E.  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I859
18 TUCKER, Mary E.  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I1652
19 TUCKER, Salina E.  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I856
20 VANZANT, Mary Elizabeth  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I2907
21 WARD, Georgia Ann  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I2844
22 WARD, Nancy E.  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I2845
23 WARD, William Harvey  1880Noontootla, Fannin, Georgia I1649