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Doogan, Murray, Georgia


Latitude: 34.9686891, Longitude: -84.6596572


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 FOUTS, Cora Lee  Aft 5 May 1917Doogan, Murray, Georgia I1199
2 KENDRICK, Lela M.  Aft 29 Jan 1903Doogan, Murray, Georgia I4882


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    ADDR    Person ID 
1 WEST, William M  From 1897 to 1907Doogan, Murray, Georgia I362


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Luella E.  1900Doogan, Murray, Georgia I1225
2 BAXTER, Lula Maude  1910Doogan, Murray, Georgia I414
3 BAXTER, Lula Maude  1920Doogan, Murray, Georgia I414
4 FOUTS, Clara  1910Doogan, Murray, Georgia I1198
5 FOUTS, Sarah E.  1900Doogan, Murray, Georgia I358
6 JONES, Misco  1920Doogan, Murray, Georgia I413
7 KENDRICK, Francis Marion  1900Doogan, Murray, Georgia I2587
8 LANGFORD, Charles A.  1900Doogan, Murray, Georgia I1227
9 LANGFORD, Newton O.  1900Doogan, Murray, Georgia I1226
10 LANGFORD, Newton O.  1920Doogan, Murray, Georgia I1226
11 LANKFORD, John A.  1900Doogan, Murray, Georgia I2559
12 LANKFORD, Leaty Caroline  1900Doogan, Murray, Georgia I363
13 LANKFORD, Leaty Caroline  1910Doogan, Murray, Georgia I363
14 LANKFORD, Leaty Caroline  1920Doogan, Murray, Georgia I363
15 LANKFORD, Lillie J.  1900Doogan, Murray, Georgia I1228
16 LANKFORD, Louise  1900Doogan, Murray, Georgia I1229
17 LANKFORD, Rossie E.  1900Doogan, Murray, Georgia I2558
18 LANKFORD, Sarah I.  1900Doogan, Murray, Georgia I1230
19 LANKFORD, Wyatt H.  1900Doogan, Murray, Georgia I372
20 LANKFORD, Wyatt H.  1900Doogan, Murray, Georgia I2560
21 LEDFORD, Mary A.  1900Doogan, Murray, Georgia I4858
22 WEST, Ida B.  1920Doogan, Murray, Georgia I1395
23 WEST, James G.  1920Doogan, Murray, Georgia I1254
24 WEST, James M  1900Doogan, Murray, Georgia I364
25 WEST, James M  1910Doogan, Murray, Georgia I364
26 WEST, Lizzie  1900Doogan, Murray, Georgia I1519
27 WEST, Lizzie  1910Doogan, Murray, Georgia I1519
28 WEST, Lucy C.  1920Doogan, Murray, Georgia I1394
29 WEST, Robert  1900Doogan, Murray, Georgia I373
30 WEST, Robert  1910Doogan, Murray, Georgia I373
31 WEST, Robert  1920Doogan, Murray, Georgia I373
32 WEST, Roxie May  1920Doogan, Murray, Georgia I1255
33 WEST, Stanton Lee  1920Doogan, Murray, Georgia I1397
34 WEST, William M  1900Doogan, Murray, Georgia I362
35 WEST, William M  1910Doogan, Murray, Georgia I362
36 WEST, William M  1920Doogan, Murray, Georgia I362
37 WEST, William Marion  1900Doogan, Murray, Georgia I368
38 WEST, William Marion  1920Doogan, Murray, Georgia I368
39 WEST, Willie Selmer  1920Doogan, Murray, Georgia I1396
40 WIFE OF NEWTON LANGFORD, Della M.  1920Doogan, Murray, Georgia I2607
41 WIFE OF WILLIAM KENDRICK, Annie  1900Doogan, Murray, Georgia I4860