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Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia


Latitude: 34.7659145, Longitude: -84.7699385


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 WEST, Stanton Lee  12 Aug 1916Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1397
2 PENDLEY, Mary Alice  1 Sep 1920Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1265
3 PENDLEY, Dewey Hobson Jr.  25 Oct 1932Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1267
4 MULLINAX, Prentis Anne  23 Dec 1894Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1465
5 HEMPHILL, John Edward   I1514
6 HEMPHILL, Charles Russell  2 May 1932Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1110


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 WHITENER, Beulah Beatrice  10 May 1966Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1771
2 WEST, Lizzie  28 Jun 1973Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1519
3 WARD, Anna Lee   I1515
4 SMITH, Belvy  7 Jul 2004Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1668
5 PATTERSON, Robert Ross  3 Mar 1946Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1082
6 PATTERSON, Myrtle R.  14 Sep 1979Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1080
7 PATTERSON, Claude Lee  4 May 1956Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1079
8 MORRISON, Robert Elliott  18 Jun 1967Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1458
9 KENDRICK, Ruby V  8 Jun 2006Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1655
10 KENDRICK, Francis Taylor  21 May 1966Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1518
11 KENDRICK, Frances Lucille  20 May 2004Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1656
12 JOHNSON, Rachel Louisa  16 Feb 1980Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1555
13 HEMPHILL, William Elmer  4 Feb 1962Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1795
14 HEMPHILL, John N.  26 Jun 1957Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2566
15 DILLARD, Mary Druscilla  21 Jan 1972Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I812
16 BUTLER, David Sanford  18 May 1938Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1525


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 WIFE OF OLEN BUTLER, Lois B.  1964Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1033
2 WIFE OF JOHN HEMPHILL, Susie Ione  Aft 18 Mar 1989Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2875
3 WHITENER, William Adolphus  Aft 8 Jan 1947Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1463
4 WHITENER, Vadah Octavia  Aft 16 Jan 1998Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I813
5 WHITENER, Avery Pollian  Aft 12 Mar 1961Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1770
6 WEST, Lizzie  30 Jun 1973Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1519
7 WARD, Nellie M.  Aft 17 Aug 1999Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1850
8 WALDROP, Ethel  Aft 11 Nov 1997Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1664
9 STEWART, Mary Margaret  6 Jan 2011Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2882
10 SAMPLER, Charles M.  Aft 20 Dec 1959Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1159
11 ROBERTS, Jessie Malinda  Aft 13 Mar 1987Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I770
12 ROBERTS, Elmer Rufus  Aft 15 Aug 1970Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I772
13 MULLINAX, Prentis Anne  Aft 2 Jul 1994Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1465
14 KENDRICK, Francis Taylor  22 May 1966Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1518
15 KENDRICK, Francis Richard  Aft 18 Oct 1986Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I376
16 KENDRICK, Frances Lucille  23 May 2004Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1656
17 KENDRICK, Daisy Mae  Aft 12 Dec 1992Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1767
18 JACKSON, Hoke S.  Aft 10 May 1988Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I377
19 HEMPHILL, First Lieutenant Robert Manning  10 Aug 1948Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1796
20 HEMPHILL, John N.  Aft 26 Jun 1957Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2566
21 HEMPHILL, John Edward   I1514
22 FLOWERS, Alfred O.  Aft 21 Mar 1976Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2618
23 DILLARD, Mary Druscilla  Aft 21 Jan 1972Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I812
24 CHILDERS, Mollie Victoria Elrod  Aft 31 Dec 1988Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I953
25 CHILDERS, Herbert M.  Aft 11 Sep 1986Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I951
26 BUTLER, Olen Mcentire  Aft 23 Mar 1979Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1869
27 BUTLER, Mattie Lytle  Aft 29 Jul 1963Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1962
28 BUTLER, Lula Maude  Aft 26 May 1980Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1865
29 BUTLER, George William  Aft 19 May 1972Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1576
30 BAGGETT, Paul  Aft 10 Mar 1990Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2883


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 WIFE OF OLEN BUTLER, Lois B.  1940Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1033
2 WIFE OF JOHN HEMPHILL, Susie Ione  1930Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2875
3 WIFE OF CLAUD LEE PATTERSON, Kenner I.  1940Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1083
4 WHITENER, Maud Angeline  1940Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1520
5 WHITENER, Maud Angeline  1930Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1520
6 WARD, Thelma  1940Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1861
7 WARD, Nellie M.  1940Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1850
8 STEWART, Mary Margaret  1940Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2882
9 STEWART, Imogene R.  1940Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2625
10 STEWART, Glenn George  1940Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2895
11 SMITH, Belvy  1940Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1668
12 ROBERTS, Syble Alice Viola  1940Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I769
13 ROBERTS, Sarah Eva  1930Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1875
14 ROBERTS, Sarah Eva  1910Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1875
15 ROBERTS, Martin Lafayette  1920Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1626
16 ROBERTS, Alberta  1930Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2016
17 ROBERTS, Alberta  1920Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2016
18 PATTERSON, Claude Lee  1940Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1079
19 PATTERSON, Charles F.  1920Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1081
20 PATTERSON, Charles F.  1910Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1081
21 MORRISON, Robert Elliott  1940Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1458
22 MORELAND, Thomas H  1930Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2371
23 MORELAND, Thomas H  1910Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2371
24 MORELAND, J. L.  1930Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I718
25 KILGORE, Charles W.  1940Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I950
26 HEMPHILL, John N.  1930Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2566
27 ELLIS, Rosa Evelyn  1930Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1627
28 ELLIS, Rosa Evelyn  1920Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1627
29 BUTLER, Olen Mcentire  1940Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1869
30 BUTLER, Martha Billie  1940Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1672
31 BUTLER, Martha Billie  1930Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1672
32 BUTLER, Luke Hemphill  1930Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1665
33 BUTLER, John Taylor  1940Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1667
34 BUTLER, John Taylor  1930Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1667
35 BUTLER, James Benjamin  1940Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1521
36 BUTLER, James Benjamin Jr.  1930Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1575
37 BUTLER, James Benjamin  1930Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1521
38 BUTLER, George William  1930Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1576
39 BUTLER, Edna Josephine  1940Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1577
40 BUTLER, Edna Josephine  1930Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1577


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 ROBERTS, Nancy Alice  15 Jun 1955Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1547
2 HEMPHILL, First Lieutenant Robert Manning  15 May 1947Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1796
3 HEMPHILL, James Alexander  12 Jun 1919Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1546
4 HEMPHILL, James Alexander  13 Jan 1916Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1546


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miscellaneous    Person ID 
1 ROBERTS, Martin Lafayette  Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1626


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 PENDLEY, Dewey Hobson  12 Sep 1918Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I977
2 KENDRICK, Francis Taylor  Aug 1939Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1518
3 JOHNSON, Rachel Louisa  From 1962 to 1974Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1555
4 JOHNSON, Rachel Louisa  Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1555
5 HEMPHILL, First Lieutenant Robert Manning  Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1796
6 BUTLER, Luke Hemphill  From 1961 to 1978Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1665
7 BUTLER, Edna Josephine  From 1945 to 1975Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1577


Matches 1 to 80 of 80

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 WIFE OF OLEN BUTLER, Lois B.  30 Aug 1951Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1033
2 WIFE OF OLEN BUTLER, Lois B.  17 Jul 1947Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1033
3 WIFE OF OLEN BUTLER, Lois B.  1935Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1033
4 WIFE OF CLAUD LEE PATTERSON, Kenner I.  1935Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1083
5 WHITENER, Vadah Octavia  1998Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I813
6 WHITENER, Minnie Louise  1967Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1772
7 WHITENER, Maud Angeline  12 May 1966Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1520
8 WHITENER, Howard M.  1996Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2549
9 WHITENER, Beulah Beatrice  1966Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1771
10 WEST, Willie Selmer  1986Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1396
11 WARD, Thelma  2009Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1861
12 WARD, Thelma  12 Dec 1939Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1861
13 WARD, Newton Coleman  12 Dec 1939Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1554
14 WARD, Nellie M.  1999Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1850
15 WARD, Nellie M.  1935Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1850
16 WARD, Anna Lee   I1515
17 WARD, Anna Lee   I1515
18 STEWART, Mary Margaret  2011Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2882
19 STEWART, Mary Margaret  2005Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2882
20 STEWART, Mary Margaret  1935Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2882
21 STEWART, Imogene R.  1935Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2625
22 STEWART, Glenn George  1935Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2895
23 SMITH, Belvy  7 Jul 2004Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1668
24 SMITH, Belvy  7 Sep 2000Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1668
25 SMITH, Belvy  1935Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1668
26 SANFORD, J. D.  1967Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I360
27 ROBERTS, Syble Alice Viola  1935Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I769
28 ROBERTS, Sarah Eva  1971Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1875
29 ROBERTS, Sarah Eva  1965Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1875
30 ROBERTS, Sarah Eva  1920Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1875
31 ROBERTS, Nancy Alice  1965Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1547
32 ROBERTS, Jessie Malinda  1987Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I770
33 ROBERTS, James Meady  1987Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I767
34 ROBERTS, Elmer Rufus  1970Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I772
35 RAMSEY, Mary Pauline  1991Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1509
36 PENDLEY, Dewey Hobson  12 Sep 1918Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I977
37 PATTERSON, Claude Lee  1935Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1079
38 MORRISON, Robert Elliott  1935Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1458
39 MORELAND, Thomas H  1920Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2371
40 MORELAND, J. L.  1985Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I718
41 MORELAND, J. L.  1920Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I718
42 MATTHEWS, Barney Monroe  1967Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1185
43 MANLEY, Martin S.  1969Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I3248
44 KILGORE, Charles W.  1935Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I950
45 KENDRICK, Ruby V  2006Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1655
46 KENDRICK, Francis Taylor  1966Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1518
47 KENDRICK, Francis Taylor  Aug 1939Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1518
48 KENDRICK, Francis Richard  1986Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I376
49 KENDRICK, Francis Richard  1966Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I376
50 KENDRICK, Frances Lucille  2004Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1656
51 KENDRICK, Daisy Mae  1992Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1767
52 JOHNSON, Rachel Louisa  12 Dec 1939Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1555
53 HEMPHILL, William Elmer  1962Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1795
54 HEMPHILL, First Lieutenant Robert Manning  Aug 1948Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1796
55 HEMPHILL, First Lieutenant Robert Manning  12 Dec 1946Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1796
56 HEMPHILL, John Edward   I1514
57 HEMPHILL, John Edward   I1514
58 HARRISON, Pauline  12 May 1966Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2572
59 HARRISON, Owen  12 May 1966Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2575
60 GREER, Mae  Aug 1948Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1497
61 FLOWERS, Alfred O.  1976Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I2618
62 FAIN, John V. Sr.  1992Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I384
63 DILLARD, Mary Druscilla  1972Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I812
64 BUTLER, William Taylor  1933Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1864
65 BUTLER, Olen Mcentire  1979Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1869
66 BUTLER, Olen Mcentire  30 Aug 1951Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1869
67 BUTLER, Olen Mcentire  17 Jul 1947Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1869
68 BUTLER, Olen Mcentire  1938Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1869
69 BUTLER, Olen Mcentire  1935Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1869
70 BUTLER, Mattie Lytle  1938Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1962
71 BUTLER, Martha Billie  2011Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1672
72 BUTLER, Martha Billie  7 Sep 2000Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1672
73 BUTLER, Lula Maude  1980Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1865
74 BUTLER, John Taylor  1988Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1667
75 BUTLER, Franklin Marvin  1980Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1868
76 BUTLER, Edna Josephine  6 Sep 2000Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1577
77 BUTLER, Edna Josephine  7 Apr 1975Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1577
78 BUTLER, Bennie Ruth  2009Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I3736
79 BUTLER, Anne Beatrice  1981Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1867
80 BEAMER, Ruby  7 Sep 2000Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia I1666


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 KENDRICK / BROOKS  7 Dec 1991Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia F637
2 BUTLER / WALDROP  Aug 1933Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia F40
3 BUTLER / SMITH  10 Oct 1938Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia F77