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American Revolutionary War


Latitude: 34.2332603, Longitude: -80.6042051


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DYSART, William  1 Feb 1781American Revolutionary War I845


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 ALBRIGHT, Ludwig  American Revolutionary War I2232
2 ALEXANDER, James Sr.  Abt 1779American Revolutionary War I1605
3 ATCHLEY, Thomas  From 1775 to 1781American Revolutionary War I1639
4 BROOKSHIRE, William  Aug 1775 or 1776 to Mar 1781American Revolutionary War I1569
5 BURK, Captain Benjamin  American Revolutionary War I2449
6 BURK, James  Mar 1776American Revolutionary War I2452
7 BURK, John  Mar 1776American Revolutionary War I1140
8 DAVIDSON, Major William  Abt 17801781American Revolutionary War I2321
9 DELLINGER, Heinrich  American Revolutionary War I1698
10 DELLINGER, Captain John Philip  American Revolutionary War I241
11 DELLINGER, Captain John Philip  American Revolutionary War I241
12 ELLIS, Walter  From Dec 1779 to 22 Mar 1780American Revolutionary War I2104
13 ELLIS, Walter  16 Nov 1781American Revolutionary War I2104
14 HEMPHILL, Captain Thomas  1776American Revolutionary War I1834
15 HEMPHILL, Captain Thomas  1780American Revolutionary War I1834
16 LYTLE, Captain Thomas  1776American Revolutionary War I1591
17 LYTLE, Captain Thomas  1780American Revolutionary War I1591
18 MACKIE, John  American Revolutionary War I87
19 MACKIE, Samuel  1780American Revolutionary War I1985
20 MACKIE, Samuel  Abt 17751783American Revolutionary War I1985
21 MACKIE, Thomas  Nov 1776American Revolutionary War I1836
22 MACKIE, William  Abt 17751783American Revolutionary War I89
23 PATTON, Captain Robert  From Bef 1777 to 1782American Revolutionary War I1841
24 PEPPER, Samuel Jr.  American Revolutionary War I1135
25 POWELL, Elias  1776American Revolutionary War I2230
26 SMITH, Colonel Daniel  17751783American Revolutionary War I3090
27 STROUD, Peter  American Revolutionary War I2150
28 TUCKER, James  From 1777 to 1778American Revolutionary War I2022
29 WEIDNER, George Heinrich  1781American Revolutionary War I1679
30 WHITENER, Abram  7 Oct 1780American Revolutionary War I1756
31 WILFONG, Major George  1776American Revolutionary War I1677
32 WILFONG, John  From 1780 to Mar 1782American Revolutionary War I2301